Bamboo Sustainable Straw Set


Made in Vietnam from sustainable bamboo that’s treated with boiling water and salt, these five reusable bamboo straws and a natural coconut cleaner come in a handwoven, organic cotton bag.

It turns out many of the best areas in the world to focus on reforestation are where artisan partners are located, so Fair Anita is working hand-in-hand with women around the world to implement tree-planting programs in the communities where they work. Your purchase make this possible!

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Our partner, Fair Anita, partners with a team of 50 artisans in Hanoi, Vietnam. 90% are women making their best-selling reusable bamboo utensils and straws. Organic bamboo is cut (don't worry, it grows back speedy quick!), cleaned, and measured into the size of the straws.  They use a little drill-type tool to hollow out and clean the bamboo, which is later treated with thin layer of cashew oil. It's a sustainable process from start to finish!

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