Rustic Olive Wood Bowl with Bone Inlay


Artfully carved by Kenyan artisans from a single piece of wild olive wood using simple hand tools, this rustic bowl showcases the beautiful natural wood-grain. Made sustainably sourced olive wood and cruelty free bone. Hand wash only. Periodically treat wood with food-grade mineral oil or olive oil to maintain their beauty and luster.

Size: 6″ Dia

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Global Crafts partners with Jedando Modern Handicrafts, a group of more than 100 individual carvers in Machakos, Kenya. An integral part of the organization's function is to educate the craftspeople on the need for reforestation to enable the products to be available for years to come and offer a sustainable income for generations. While wood carving provides the major income for many in the Machakos area, other craftspeople earn a living by further enhancing the products including "batiking", placing wax on discarded white bone and dipping the bone a dark brown/black dye, resulting in patterns African mud cloth designs.

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