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This month we want to celebrate our partner, Lovelane Special Needs Horseback Riding Program. Love is a big part of the mission at Lovelane and it is witnessed every day in the riding ring. Megan Donovan, Executive Director at Lovelane, shares what the program is all about.

Lovelane’s therapeutic riding lessons were born out of love, a love of helping children achieve their developmental goals, through special one-on-one sessions and an unswerving commitment to their growth. By riding a different horse in a motivating setting every week, children not only get physically stronger, but their confidence blossoms — expanding their world of possibilities far beyond the riding ring.

“We do one thing here really well. And we do it every day. And that is giving kids with special needs the strength, resilience and confidence through therapeutic riding lessons.”

Learn more about Lovelane Special Needs Horseback Riding Program

Love grows one step at a time

At Lovelane, love is celebrated all year. When children are paired up with dedicated instructors and volunteers for an entire semester, it fosters a deep connection between them which grows stronger with each lesson. Our volunteers fall in love with their riders.

And the other part of this love is Lovelane’s horses. These gentle horses are much more than a just therapeutic tool; they are love personified, patiently helping their riders through tough challenges and encouraging them to be stronger, braver, and more resilient, one stride at a time. The love that grows between the children and their horses is truly special.

We’re proud to partner with Lovelane

FairTrade Caravans and Lovelane have a shared mission: to make life better for children and families everywhere. Whether it’s helping artisans, farmers and their families halfway across the world, or children with special needs closer to home, we are bound by a common thread: to continue to make a difference in the world and the lives of children, together.

“FairTrade Caravans shares our values of doing good in the world, by making a difference for children and families across the globe. And that’s why this is such a rewarding partnership.”

– Megan Donovan, Executive Director, Lovelane Special Needs Horseback Riding Program

Support Lovelane through their February Fair Trade Fundraiser – where they will receive 25% of sales!

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