Upcycled Cotton Kantha Scarf


Handmade by women artisans in West Bengal, India using 100% cotton up-cycled saris. Each piece is unique and is handmade from two saris that are stitched together using the traditional “kantha” embroidery technique. Featuring handmade tassels with vibrant prints and colors on each side, these kantha scarves are works of art and showcase the rich textile crafts of eastern India.

Comes in assorted colors and prints.

Size: 70″L x 18″W

Out of stock

Sevya fair trade clothing and accessories are a unique fusion of fair trade and fashion. Our eco-friendly, handmade collection showcases the rich artistic traditions of India in contemporary styles. Sevya is dedicated to preserving the indigenous art forms  and cultures of India by supporting the artisan communities who uphold these traditions.

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