Rejuvenating Lavender & Green Tea Soaps


Handmade in Tamil Nadu, India, these rejuvenating lavender scented and green tea scented vegetable oil soaps come in pretty decorative paper boxes. This palm oil in these soaps provides work to local farmers and does not contribute to deforestation.

Size: 3.2oz each

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Since 2001, Ten Thousand Villag, has partnered with Palam Rural Centre (People’s Association for Leather and Allied Manufacturing) that offers employment opportunities to people of the marginalized Harijan community in a village in Tamil Nadu region, southeastern India. In the Tamil language, Palam also means "bridge." Palam Rural Centre seeks to build a "bridge" to the markets of the rest of the world. With money from product sales, Palam has purchased land and homes for artisans (ownership traditionally unavailable to lower castes) and built a school for artisans’ children. Other artisan benefits include health care and retirement pensions. Palam artisans see education of their children as the key to hope and change. Through this work, Palam Rural Centre is providing dignity and security to artisans and helping to break down caste walls in society.

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