Rainbow Soapstone Heart Bowl


Hand-carved from a single piece of Kisii soapstone by Kenya artisans, soapstone heart bowls make a great trinket dish to brighten up your nightstand, dresser, coffee table or office desk!

Soapstone is mined from great pits in the area surrounding Kiisi, Kenya. The mined soapstone ranges in colors from cream, pink, brown, yellow, black and marble. Once mined the soapstone is then delivered to carvers who carve sculptures in this natural stone. Once carved, the craftspeople smooth rough edges of the soapstone with sandpaper dipped in water and polish the piece to a high gloss or paint African motifs in brilliant colors with etched accents.

Size: Measures approximately 5-inches.

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Our Soapstone is carved by the artists of SMOLArt a group of artists who live in the rural village of Tabaka, Kenya, the heart of soapstone crafts. Established in 1990, SMOLArt is a member of the World Fair Trade Organization, and as such assures that the artisans are paid a fair price for their work. In addition, the organization support community development by contributing to projects that improve living conditions, education, and health of their members and the village at large.

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