Hand Knit Headband Hemp & Wool


Hand knit by women in Nepal, this sustainable 50% hemp, 50% wool headband is lined with fleece to keep you warm and cozy.

Size: 9″L x 4″W

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Our wholesaler, Ganesh Himal, partners with Amulet International Trading a manufacturer and exporter of woolen garments and sweaters. They have been manufacturing and trading woolen goods since 1988. They only use 100% pure natural materials and100% eco-friendly dyes from Switzerland to colour our goods. All sweaters and garments are made by local Nepalese women. Each piece is hand-knitted and hand-woven to a very high quality, moth-proof standard. Each woolen sweater or garment portrays the artistic skill and perfection of a highly skilled craftswoman who takes the time that is needed to create a special product. Of their 33 employees at the factory alone, 25 are salary-based. Employment to women means the overall development of a society because women are the base of a society.

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