Gourd Box – Butterflies and Flowers – Burned Hand Carved – 5 Available


Handmade in Peru, these fine gourds are not carved but rather burned with exquisite detail and precision to create the unbelievable butterfly and flower images that adorn them.  A collector’s item with only five available from our partner!

Size: 5″ – each piece is unique, size, shape, and design vary.

5 in stock

Our partner, Sanyork Fair Trade, works in Peru promoting and employing skilled artisans in need for a market place, upholding fair trade values, respecting local traditions and family structures. Nestled in a dusty street, in one of the poorest suburbs of Lima, surrounded by large factories and hillside slums, their artisan workshop in San Juan de Lurigancho employs and houses dozens of local families of skilled talented artists. Fair trade wages and a sustainable workplace environment have given confidence, pride, inspiration to the artists contributing to their cultural preservation of tradition, lifestyle and dignity.

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