Cherry Blossom Note Box


Why post-it when you can com-post-it with these lovely note cards? Each box contains 80 sheets of fine writing poo paper (30% fiber from elephant dung and 70% recycled paper) and is embellished with a handcrafted design. No trees or toxic chemicals used in the paper making process. Using all-natural vegetative binding agents, along with water-soluble salt dyes for coloring this paper is acid-free, and as organic as it gets!

Size: 4.5″W x 4″H x 1.75 D

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Mr. Ellie Pooh is a small, eco-friendly company selling fair trade gifts and stationery. Their mission is to educate and create awareness about the ongoing human elephant conflict raging Sri Lanka. By giving sustainable artisan and paper-making jobs in the rural areas of Sri Lankas, Mr. Ellie Pooh hopes this will change the mindset of the villagers. Their signature collection is poo paper stationery and gifts made from elephant poop and recycled paper.

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