Buri Blue Jay Ornament


Hand painted with real life details, this blue jay ornament is made in the Philippines from spines of buri palm leaf. Jute cord for hanging

Size: 3″L , 2.5″H

20 in stock

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Serrv has been working with artisans across the world since 1949. Located in southeastern Asia, the Philippines are a cluster of over 7,000 tropical islands between the Philippine and South China Seas. Despite recent economic expansion, rapid population growth and uneven distribution of wealth and resources have made matters worse for most Filipino residents. Buri is the most common palm grown in the country. The leaves of the palm tree have the most commercial value. Buri is a very sustainable source as the tree continues to grow even after the leaves are used for production. The natural fiber extraction from the palm tree is a laborious process and is a skill gained over time. These natural fiber products provide opportunities for economic development in Philippines.

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