Blushing Angel Terracotta Candle Holder with Set of 10 Hand-Dipped Candles


Our adorable Blushing Angel Candle-Holder is handcrafted from terracotta by the talented artisans of Chenautla and is an absolute beauty! In addition, the set comes complete with our 10 Hand-Dipped Candles that are made by Q’eqchi women of the Guatemalan cloud forests. Each small candle has a bayberry scent and burns for approximately 1-1 1/2 hours. What a perfect gift!

Size: Angel: 4″H x 2.5″W, Candles: 6″ L x 1/2″ W

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The female artisans in La Esperanza, Guatemala create and sell colorful, handcrafted products for markets around the world. Sales of these fair trade goods directly supports a self-run cooperative, a kindergarten through 6th grade school, daycare. The success of this cooperative has also fueled the development of a health clinic, tutoring program, and a local bank while the women learn leadership opportunities and greater independence. While poverty, crime, and violence are a daily threat throughout their neighborhoods, the more than 60 women in this cooperative find not only solidarity in a safe space but also a community of love, hope and purpose that aspires to produce generational improvements for themselves and their families.

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