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Dignity Matters

Dignity Matters

is on a mission to give women freedom by providing them with menstrual care products at no cost. This nonprofit helps more than 10,000 women per month live, work, and raise a family without having to take a week off during their period.

Dignity Matters now distributes nearly 2 million tampons, pads, bras, and underwear to homeless shelters in the Boston area each year. To help meet the demand for these items, Dignity Matters buys most of the menstrual care products directly from the manufacturers. Even at a reduced rate, this costs a lot of money. So please help women and girls in need and support women around the world through fair trade!

PLEASE NOTE DELIVERY, AFTER ENTERING YOUR ADDRESS, YOU MAY CHOOSE THE OPTION OF DIRECT SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN THE US OR “LOCAL PICK-UP” OF YOUR ORDER for $2 at 26 Salmi Road, Framingham MA. You will receive an email from to confirm when order is ready. At FairTrade Caravans, we believe in being fair when it comes to costs. We pass along the commercial shipping rates we receive from USPS.

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